Hi! I’m Gerren Rabideau, senior digital designer and front-end developer based in Salem, MA.




I'm a highly self-motivated and results-driven designer, with a developer skill set that that allows me to solve creative problems in ways most other designers can't. I understand code, and advertising.

UX / UI design80%
Responsive design95%
Product branding and logo design75%
Adobe Creative Suite100%
CSS / CSS3100%
Javascript / jQuery85%
Flash / ActionScript80%
WordPress Development65%
HTML emails55%
Exact Target55%
Google anyaltics40%
Agile process65%
MS office45%

Brands that I've worked for

For the last 14 years I’ve been making interactive designs and helping them come to life for well-known brands by working hard, designing smart, and being a creative thinker.




Editorial Illustration Award

The Providence Journal, Silver Medal

Marketing Innovation Award

LogMeIn, 2011

Marketing Innovation Award

LogMeIn, 2013

Hatch Award

The Ad Club, Honorable Mention

Recommendations from LinkedIn

There's a rule in business - 20% of your people do 80% of your work. Gerren was our 20%. He's a dream to manage because he can do anything from concept to design to develop for anything on the web and he's always thinking about what needs to be done – and doing it – before being asked. It's not an exaggeration to say he touched everything of significance during our four years together at LogMeIn.

Our time together started with his designing the product interface. All it did was become the fastest growing collaboration app in the world known expressly for it's intuitive interface and ease of use.

From their he designed and coded our email templates, product websites, marketing micro sites, social apps, landing pages, banners, the list goes on and on.

But, perhaps his best quality is this – even if he's never done it, he'll figure it out. And it will look great. He's got a hacker's mentality and a designers heart. I look forward to working with him again.

Paul Schauder VP of Creative at

I had the pleasure of working with Gerren at Echo in 2014. Gerren is both creative and professional in his design approach, and this shows in the flawless designs he was able to rapidly deliver every week. Gerren is not only great at delivering esthetically pleasing designs,but he is also quick and efficient at building his own front end work as well. All dev teams loved working with him, because his work is always built to be scalable, and easily reusable. I collaborated with Gerren on many projects, all very different in nature, ranging from rebuilding and designing our public facing website, to conceptualizing and building detailed workflow driven logistics apps... and every time, he always delighted our users and gave them the very best experience!

Juliette Senesi Product Manager at Echo Global Logistics

Whenever we had something that couldn't be done, we gave it to Gerren. Amazingly, he finds ways to make things happen. He's created a highly branded and easy-to-use ROI calculator, a social media contest, and a micro web experience called a Curse-o-matic – just to name a few cool things he's figured out how to bring to life. He is also a great website designer and works seamlessly with the development team in a cohesive collaboration to innovate the experience. And he proactively spots things that need to be done and does them, without anyone having to ask. In short, if you need a great brain on your team, Gerren's your guy.

Laurie Asmus Copywriter/Creative Director at

The best way I can describe Gerren is a guy who gets stuff done. He is a talented designer who listens to what you are looking to accomplish, provides valuable input to help create a vision that meets your goals, and accomplishes his tasks in a timely manner. I hope to work with Gerren again in the future.

Benjamin Topolski Senior Manager, Business Development at

Gerren is a gem! His solid technical skills, his very positive attitude, eagerness to learn and grow, and willingness to step up to contribute wherever possible shine brightly. He is professional when dealing with clients, takes feedback exceptionally well, is easy-going and relates well to everyone on his team. It's a fortunate group to have Gerren.

Jacqueline Pierce Director of Creative Services at

I worked with Gerren on a variety of projects during my time as a product marketing manager at LogMeIn. As a marketing manager, I had absolute trust in his creativity, ability to execute, and attention to detail.

Bottom line, you want Gerren on your team.

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